Handmade and hand painted fully 

 washable buttons from South Africa

Acid free, resistant, flat backed

An extensive variety of buttons ideal for crafters, quilters, knitters and sewers! Displayed on natural corrugated cards, the buttons are unique in stores as gifts! Fun and inspiring for crafters, quilters and cross-stitchers! A must for anyone who loves to craft or embellish projects, greeting cards, scrap books and altered pages.

Copyright designs by Jennifer Pascall.

Buttons Buttonmad L580

7,25 VAT included

5 white/blue tiny birds


Buttons Buttonmad L491

7,25 VAT included

2 large buttons - Wide heart in filgree pattern with browny-bronze glaze.
Width 4.5cms (1.75") at widest point - length 3cms ( 1") from centre of heart


Buttons Buttonmad L011

7,25 VAT included

5 mixed teddy bears


Buttons Buttonmad L542

7,25 VAT included

5 tiny brown ponies